Chakras For Beginner Healers

Wed. July 15th Online 6 pm to 9 pm EST



Your body is a super conductor of physical, emotional and spiritual energy. All of this energy must travel through the body in all of its intricate layers to support life. The Chakra's are an integral part of the human body. As an awakening healer, knowing and understanding the nature of the subtle body is integral to your practice. This course is designed to guide you through each of these major energy channels in a way that is easy to understand and integrate for new healers.

Discover the language of each chakra and how it communicates to inform you of the health and wellness of each system that it is associated with.

You will Learn -
* The Sanskrit name of each chakra
* The location of each chakra
* Understand the directional spin of your chakra's
* The body parts and organs each chakra is associated with
* Learn to use a pendulum to assess the state of your chakra's
* Crystal associations

Learn to assess when chakra's are -
* Active
* Passive
* Over or under active
* Blocked
* What practices to use to heal chakra's

* NSMA Branded Reference Sheets
* NSMA "The 7 Major Chakra's" e-book
* Free Student Level membership
* Access to NSMA Learning Library

Virtual classroom students will receive an NSMA Official E-workbook and level 1 case study worksheets


** Virtual classroom students can order a print workbook.


*** Workbook order must be placed 7 to 10 business days before class begins. Shipping fees may apply.

How many Spaces - 
* 20 spaces Live Online Zoom Room

* 6 In person





$57 CAD




NSMA Zoom Room - Online


Alysa Bartha

Alysa is a Reiki Master Teacher & Advanced Reiki Practitioner 

She has completed training from the Usui Shiki Ryoho, Tibetan Intuitive and Divine Yu lineages.She is excited to teach new healers the fundamentals of energy healing!

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