Pet Astrology




Your fur baby is an important part of your family and your life! With Pet Astrology you will learn to understand your pet based on his or her Rising, Sun and Moon sign.


Just like people pets have individual personality traits their characteristics can be better understood through the lens of astrology. In this one hour class, you will learn how to understand your pet based on his or her sun sign. Your relationship will improve with your pet through 


You will learn:

  • The 3 most important placements in your pets chart

  • How to better communicate with your pet based on their planetary placements

  • How you and your pet are connected in this lifetime

  • The powerful gift and unique gift your pet possesses


Class Duration: 2.5 hours

  • Natal (birth) Chart for your pet

  • Astro Journal for your pet



No Astrology experience necessary.


To fully benefit from all this workshop has to offer, you will need to provide your pets birth date, location and time. If you don’t know the birth time of your fur baby that’s ok, we will create a noon chart which will still be accurate enough to follow

** The class will be available in a zoom room. Once payment is received you will be emailed class login instructions

** Cancellations will only be refunded 48 hrs in advance of class


$65 CAD




The class will be hosted in a LIVE ONLINE zoom room & In Person


Alysa Bartha

Alysa Bartha is a classically trained western astrologer. She specializes in natal, synastry and business astrology> She enjoys teaching her students the many ways that the planets and stars influence daily life as well as the patterns that extend over generations of family. 

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