The Aspects




Relationships are always fascinating and it’s no different when it comes to astrology!


Aspects are like relationships between planets and points in a horoscope. Each planet has its own distinct energy and when it makes contact with another planet or point within the chart, a new energy is introduced creating an influence that is intended to guide you towards actualizing your fullest potential.


Whether you find challenging aspects or ones that create ease in any chart, knowing how to define the energies that aspects create is a vital tool for every astrologer!


** This class is designed for beginner astrologers who would like to clearly understand all the planets and their effect on a horoscope.


What you will learn:

  • The glyphs for each aspect

  • The meaning of each aspect

  • How to determine an aspect in the horoscope

  • How aspects affect planets with sign modifiers

  • What aspects are felt out loud and what aspects are experienced more subtly. 


Class Duration: 2 hours

  • NSMA Branded Astrology Aspects Flashcards download

  • NSMA Astrology Aspects Keywords e-book 

  • Free Student Level membership

  • Access to NSMA Learning Library



This class is suitable for beginners - no need to speak Astrologer.

** The class will be available in a zoom room. Once payment is received you will be emailed class login instructions

** Cancellations will only be refunded 48 hrs in advance of class


$47 CAD




The class will be hosted in a LIVE ONLINE zoom room Only


Alysa Bartha

Alysa Bartha is a classically trained western astrologer. She specializes in natal, synastry and business astrology> She enjoys teaching her students the many ways that the planets and stars influence daily life as well as the patterns that extend over generations of family. 

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