Head Instructor & Founder of Academy's Welcome,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to North Star Mystic Academy!


N.S.M.A. is built on a foundation of sincere devotion to positive personal transformation that is achieved through teaching individuals the skills required to create a sustainable intuitive and holistic practice.


Each course we offer is carefully curated with mindfulness and intention, focusing on providing online learning that provides leadership, accountability, support and community.

We are completely committed to growth and expansion that we are excited to continue to evolve as a teaching platform as well as a community and we look forward to welcoming you in!


Alysa Bartha

Alysa Bartha 

Founder & Head Instructor

North Star Mystic Academy

Meet the

North Star Mystic Academy 

Instructors and Council Members

Our Instructors

Personal connection is a priority with N.S.M.A., and our instructors excel at making our students feel part of the N.S.M.A. community!

We choose instructors who are proficient in the craft they teach! We pride ourselves on hosting the most dynamic, unique and original instructors available. Each teacher is Inspired, passionate and very knowledgeable and that's what sets N.S.M.A. apart from the pack.

Our instructors provide more then education - they deliver an experience!

Alysa Bartha

Head Instructor & N.S.M.A. Founder

111 - (Ryan Leis)

Senior Instructor

Our Council


Our Council members are professional, caring and above all extremly talented. As the backbone of N.S.M.A., they ensure everything that needs to be done - gets done! Plus, they are some of the most compassionate and caring people working hard to ensure that all of our students, mentors and instructors are taken care of!

Alli Leis

Council Head Administrator

Christina BebeE

Principal Council Liaison

Jess Phoenix

Community Advocacy Counselor

Our Mentors

N.S.M.A. Mentors are also students!

Each mentor has graduated from one of our certificate programs and has volunteered some of their time and experience to help you progress on your path!

Being a mentor is mutually beneficial for both the student and the mentor! As knowledge and experience are shared, everyone grows!


Brianna Stewart
Brianna Stewart

Cheryl Christina
Cheryl Christina




with Us!

Do you have a metaphysical, spiritual or Divination class you are just dying to teach?

AWESOME! We are interested in hearing about your ideas! We are always lookng for instructors, classes and courses to add to the academy. We want to support you in your professional & personal goals! We want you to become part of a growing community of spiritual instructors, practitioners and learners

Message us if you would like to learn about becoming an N.S.M.A. instructor and how to  submit your course ideas. 


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple.


We believe that every person has gifts, talents, and skills that if nurtured with education and community can lead to transformation and personal happiness, prosperity, and abundance. 

Our History

N.S.M.A. was founded in 2019 by Alysa Bartha. She and a team of like-minded individuals worked to create an online education portal that could be accessible to anyone around the world.  The academy offers an ever-expanding course catalogue which is intended to offer students education that aligns with their life path.